Devotions For Boots On The Ground

"Life isn't about waiting for storms to pass...
It's learning to dance in the rain."

Doug is Down

This is a book about finding courage, not just for the guys on the razor's edge; what about mom and the kids back home?
Or what if it is mom on the edge and dad is with the kids at home? Or what about life situations like cancer or a
broken marriage? The unknown is always the most fearsome. Where does our courage come from?

The Book: Devotions For Boots On The Ground

James W Visel
Devotions For Boots On The Ground

The Author: James W. Visel

Viet Nam Helicopter Crew Chief Veteran.
* Spent three combat tours in Viet Nam during the heat of the conflict. Earned two purple hearts in 24 months.
*Shot down or crashed due to catastrophic failure seven times, yet the downed ships and crew members were recovered each time.
* Faced and endured obstacles and situations that seemed so inhumane or surrealistic at the time, yet survived intact becoming a stronger man.
*Constantly asked the question, "Where are you, God?»

Devotions for Boots On The Ground.
* This incredible book is available in hardback or soft cover, or in digital format for Kindle.
* Also available as a 6-pack for that squad on the razor's edge.

* Now available through
WestBow Printing,,
or you can order signed copies through this web site.»

What Readers Are Saying.
* "This is a book that will please, inspire and inform all. In short, "Devotions for Boots on the Ground" is spiritually, historically, morally motivating and instructional! Highly recommended!"
* "Wow! People just have no idea what others have gone through to serve their country!  Couldn't put it down!"
* "It was certainly one of the top memoirs I have yet encountered concerning Viet Nam. Your book actually let me back to Church after a 22 year absence!" »

Human character is phenomenally adaptive,
Even when getting used to the concept of dying. Dying is actually easy....sometimes it's the living that's hard.  It takes strength and focus to overcome insurmountable barriers; and the lessons learned, if survived, last a lifetime,...however long. For some, satisfactory answers never seem to come.  For myself, may I pro-offer both scorching experience, and incredible life-lessons learned?  Then, should you ever fall into similar adventure; you may go into it better prepared than I was.  JWV.»